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Neuro Hacks Podcast with Dr. Howard Cohn

Dr Howard Cohn Podcast on Neuro Hacking

Dr. Howard Cohn, DC from the Cohn Health Institute and Co-Founder of SevenPoint2 talks about hydrogen and inflammation, the role of alkalinity, and pH in inflammation and living a non-inflammatory lifestyle in the latest Youtube podcast The Hologram where where Dr. George Gonzalez DC shares Neuro Hacks and discusses the Quantum Neurology® perspective, case studies, and […]

Linda Cohn’s Secret Arsenal with SevenPoint2

Linda Cohn Alkaline Diet

Linda Cohn shares her favorite SevenPoint2 receipes Growing up with my sister, Linda Cohn, we didn’t always have the most nutritious foods as we have today. Making that radical change to giving our body the best fuel with SevenPoint2 is easy. As we get together again in the kitchen and have fun talking about the great products […]