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Dr. Cohn receives Ambassador of Quantum Neurology Award

Dr. Cohn Ambassador of the Year

Quantum Neurology® Rocks Dr. Howard Cohn receives the prestigious award of Ambassador of the Year for Quantum Neurology® for his continued support and dedication at the Homecoming Talks Event in Los Angeles at the Hilton Hotel in November 2017. (Pictured below with Founder of Quantum Neurology®, Dr. George Gonzalez, Winner of this year’s Doctor of the […]

Neuro Hacks Podcast with Dr. Howard Cohn

Dr Howard Cohn Podcast on Neuro Hacking

Dr. Howard Cohn, DC from the Cohn Health Institute and Co-Founder of SevenPoint2 talks about hydrogen and inflammation, the role of alkalinity, and pH in inflammation and living a non-inflammatory lifestyle in the latest Youtube podcast The Hologram where where Dr. George Gonzalez DC shares Neuro Hacks and discusses the Quantum Neurology® perspective, case studies, and […]

Dr. Howard Cohn on Quantum Neurology

Quantum Neurology - how Dr. Cohn helped my daughter

Thanks to Quantum Neurology, we can help patients who suffer from nervous system injuries. Watch this video testimonial on how Rebecca Moss, mother of our patient, recount how quantum neurology helped her daughter heal after a concussion injury. Rebecca Moss’s daughter suffered a concussion to the back of her head after a cheer leading practice when she […]