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Why is taking a Power Nap so Important?

Napping to help recharge your body

Practice napping to rejuvenate your body and mind Are you constantly stressed and tired? Do you find yourself consistently lacking energy and motivation? Well, there is a simple solution that anyone can practice: napping! Even in increments of 20 mins, a nap can do wonders for your physical and mental health.  Many studies have even […]

Sugar is a zero nutrient

Say no to sugar

Sugar. The average American will consume nearly 170 pounds of the substance each year. And yet, most underestimate its debilitating effects over time.  In Dr. Howard Cohn’s most recent Wellness Wednesday video, he urges his viewers to reduce or, if possible, eliminate the consumption of sugar. “Now sugar on a sugar cane, that’s a little […]

Linda Cohn believes in chiropractic care

Linda Cohn chiropractic care

Watch this video as Linda Cohn explains the condition and how advance chiropractic care at the Cohn Health Institute can make all the difference. Even though it was over 2 decades ago, it’s as vivid as yesterday when Linda shared with me the she and her husband at the time were having difficulty getting pregnant. I […]

Leadership to Legacy with Dr. Howard Cohn at ICAK-USA

Leadership to Legacy with Dr. Howard Cohn

Just got back from this year’s ICAK-USA’s Winter Meeting 2016 in Scottsdale, AZ. Lectures on practice building, management and leadership were given by Dr Howard Cohn DC of the Cohn Health Institute, ICAK-USA President, Dr Tom Roselle DC, NET Founder, Dr Scott Walker DC, NFL Kinesiologist, Dr Evan Mladenoff DC, and Executive Life Strategist, Richard Flint. The […]