Dr. Howard Cohn in Finding the Positive

Dr. Howard Cohn inspires kids to find the positive

Dr. Howard Cohn’s true passion is helping others and especially children as their minds are still learning about what it means to be positive. On March 2016, Dr. Cohn joined his sister, Linda Cohn of ESPN SportCenter, to inspire kids to “Find the Positive”. In this inspiring campaign, Dr. Cohn was asked to emcee the […]

Linda Cohn’s Secret Arsenal with SevenPoint2

Linda Cohn Alkaline Diet

Linda Cohn shares her favorite SevenPoint2 receipes Growing up with my sister, Linda Cohn, we didn’t always have the most nutritious foods as we have today. Making that radical change to giving our body the best fuel with SevenPoint2 is easy. As we get together again in the kitchen and have fun talking about the great products […]

Linda Cohn believes in chiropractic care

Linda Cohn chiropractic care

Watch this video as Linda Cohn explains the condition and how advance chiropractic care at the Cohn Health Institute can make all the difference. Even though it was over 2 decades ago, it’s as vivid as yesterday when Linda shared with me the she and her husband at the time were having difficulty getting pregnant. I […]

Leadership to Legacy with Dr. Howard Cohn at ICAK-USA

Leadership to Legacy with Dr. Howard Cohn

Just got back from this year’s ICAK-USA’s Winter Meeting 2016 in Scottsdale, AZ. Lectures on practice building, management and leadership were given by Dr Howard Cohn DC of the Cohn Health Institute, ICAK-USA President, Dr Tom Roselle DC, NET Founder, Dr Scott Walker DC, NFL Kinesiologist, Dr Evan Mladenoff DC, and Executive Life Strategist, Richard Flint. The […]