Dr. Cohn is awarded Quantum Neurology Doctor of the Year

During the Quantum Neurology Homecoming event in Los Angeles on November 11,  Dr. Howard Cohn was awarded the Quantum Neurology Doctor of the Year.  It was definitely an honor for Dr. Cohn who is an expert of Quantum Neurology for many years. His commitment to treating his patients using this advanced technique where it uses the patients’ own nervous system to guide their rehabilitation.

QN Homecoming Event

This patented concept was founded and developed by Dr. George Gonzalez, DC, QNCP. Dr. Gonzalez trains licensed health professionals to strengthen the nervous system in an easy to learn, step by step program. Doctors are taught how to strengthen weak muscles, activate lost sensation and use the bodies’ natural actions, reactions and reflexes to achieve a desired result. When the body responds to rehabilitation it commonly demonstrates immediate improvement. Our experience has been when these weaknesses in the nervous system are strengthened; the body has the best opportunity to heal itself.

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