Recovery Around the World with Dr. Howard Cohn

Recovery in Germany as Dr. Cohn Visits the Healing Caves of Nordenau

Molecular Hydrogen research has always been a hot topic for SevenPoint2 and Dr. Howard Cohn, DC who handles the product development for the successful Alkaline supplements company is on a mission to bring back the latest and greatest discoveries to take SevenPoint2 to the next level. Recently, Dr. Cohn traveled to East Berlin, Germany in June 2016 and visited the healing caves of Nordenau. The healing water source was found in Germany and is a spring of very pure water that was discovered in a cave in a disused slate mine in the district of Schmalenberg, a popular skin resort.

With 7.2 Recovery with HydroFX, you can experience the naturally powerful benefits of molecular hydrogen found in this remote cavern in Germany without having to travel around the globe! Check out Dr. Cohn’s point of view with this video. Watch video on Facebook!


Dr. Cohn filmed his visit and was amazed at the crowd of visitors who have come from all over the world to witness these healing wells. According to the newspaper Bild, an old woman told an interviewer that after covering her blind eye with water, she can now see while an ex-miner said that his back was healed and he was tossing his crutches. Some others who had experienced high blood pressure and was afraid of collapsing but when she went into the grotto with the blood pressure of 160 to 100, she came out with 130 to 100 and now the blood pressure is constant which is a fact that her doctor cannot explain”. Guido Brandenburg who reported the story said that he himself “felt an electric current flowing through me. Read more at

Dr. Cohn travels to East Berlin and is excited to be filming live in front of the Berlin Wall. The Berlin Wall represents so many amazing things, especially freedom for so many people. We are so fortunate to have the great opportunities in America, especially financial freedom and the opportunity to share Recovery HydroFX and the other great products from SevenPoint2.

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