What people have to say about Dr. Howard CohnWhat people have to say about Dr. Howard Cohn. Read what audiences have to say about Dr. Howard Cohn. His passion and dedication to helping others achieve their goals is so important. The value that his products and alkaline system offers is unsurpassed. Many agree that Dr. Howard Cohn has been a big influence in their health and wellness.

Dr. Cohn and I have been friends for 18 years, give or take 6 months, and he’s just the kind of guy you want to be around. He’s someone that likes to have fun, likes to get serious sometimes. But, just the kind of guy you feel better around, than when you are not with him. So, it’s been an amazing relationship. You collect different friends from different times of your life, but he’s someone who will definitely be a friend for my entire life. How I know Howie, in the business perspective, is the fact that he’s always looking…

Mike Zanardelli, President of Universal Fitness

I’ve known Dr. Howard Cohn for about 6 years, and I have never seen anybody as passionate as Dr. Howard Cohn, for any cause, especially if it’s a health cause, or a cause about children and the growth of our new generation of children.  I think his passion is amazing and unbelievable. I do believe his healing power not only comes from his heart but it also comes from his soul. I think he is an amazing person and I am very proud to be his friend.

Sensei Pennewaert, Chief Instructor of Newport Beach Aikido


Hi my name is Oscar Alcoser and I’m very fortunate to have known Dr. Cohn for about 20 years now, and man, what an honor. We’ve all heard don’t mistake kindness for weakness or weakness for kindness. But let me tell you, what an amazing person.  He’s so compassionate, such a leader, so knowledgeable.  He’s a healer and just being in his presence, and just seeing what he does from the heart and for so many people, it’s been amazing.  And so I’ve had him personally work on me, my family, and what’s he’s done for our health and nutrition…

Oscar Alcoser, Entrepreneur

Sherry Adams

Gentil Pennewaert

Philip Townsend

Oscar Alcoser

Mike Zanardelli

Alex Kastor

Scott Campbell

Jillian Moss