DR Howard Cohn helping kids

Giving Back Locally & Globally

Philanthropy and giving back to the community both locally and globally are a great passion of mine. Though there are thousands of charities and seemingly worthy causes, the majority these days tend to benefit the organizers of the charity a great deal more than the intended recipients as so aggressively promoted. One day soon there will be a COHN Foundation, but in the meantime, the charities and organizations I support and are the most passionate about are:






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Mentoring our children

Goals program supports kids through athletic programs and learning programsDr. Howard Cohn highlights the Goals program as they support growth opportunities through athletics, learning, and service. We don’t need to look far to help others. Being able to mentor our children is so important. GOALS has a host of interrelated operating programs which fall under the 3 fundamental themes of youth development in athletics, learning enrichment, and community service to help others. Some of these operate year ’round, others seasonally. All have a common denominator of being offered free of charge to youth ages 6 to 19 in specifically targeted communities. GOALS works closely with local governments, school districts and other community entities in tailoring program services to specific needs and opportunities in given areas.

Dr. Howard Cohn along with his sister, Linda Cohn of ESPN SportsCenter had the opportunity to mentor the youths of Goals.org in March 2016.  Dr. Howard Cohn emceed the “Find the Positive”  event where Linda Cohn made a special presentation to inspire kids to believe in what they love to do. After speaking with the kids, Dr. Howard Cohn joined LInda at the Anaheim Ducks Training facility to mentor kids through hockey.

Truly a Rewarding Experience
Time & Understanding makes all the difference

“It was a very rewarding experience for both Linda and I to be part of the learning experience for these kids. The opportunity that Goals.org provides these inner city kids who would not otherwise be able to afford a sports activity was just great. Sometimes your time and understanding is the best way to give back.”

Dr. Howard Cohn, DC