Dr. Howard Cohn Explains your Wake Up Call

Dr. Howard Cohn Explains your Wake Up Call

It is commonly known in the holistic healing world that most diseases and sicknesses are connected to an overly acidic pH in the body. Most people have symptoms and don’t listen to their body’s signals. They play the waiting game, hoping that the symptoms or signs go away. Sometimes the symptoms are latent and come back in an even bigger way. Just because the symptoms have faded temporarily doesn’t mean it’s no longer there. A favorite examples is a shark encounter.  You may no longer see his fin but he is under the waters, lurking and potentially even more of his friends to surround you.

Dr. Howard Cohn talks about wake up call

Traditionally the best course of action in reversing an overly acidic person suffering from acidosis is to a strict alkaline pH diet transformation. Unfortunately this traditional diet transformation frequently fails not because of the diet because of the person giving up and going back to the foods they love.

The inherent limitation with a strict alkaline diet is the apparent lack of savory and delectable enjoyable foods and recipes.

There is a huge disconnect between what is proven to be one of the best disease fighters known to man that being a 7.2 pH alkaline state – and the desire for an overly acidic person to stick to the unforgiving diet regimens required.

Dr. Howard Cohn has indeed made a huge step forward with his visionary company by offering a line of nutritional supplements that promote the ideal 7.2 pH alkaline state in the body.

In this eye-opening video entitled the “7.2 wake-up call”, Dr. Howard Cohn discusses this remarkable line of acidosis reversing 7.2 pH whole food supplements.


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